The Glorious 12th – Glory or Gory

The Glorious 12th heralds the start of grouse shooting season. More pertinently, the 12th August is also Brighton’s first Premier League match, against the titans that are Man City.

So will Brighton be the hunter, game birds, or the shot riddled carcass – only time will tell.

This much heralded season will be a massive culture shock for our fans. The worldwide attention the club is experiencing, and the multimillion pound transfer fees are light years from where we've been in the recent past.

Where once we were known as an ailing sicknote, with nothing but a will to survive, today we are better known as a cause celebre, a modern day phoenix from the ashes.

Talking of the phoenix, it's not just the club that's progressed, so have the shirts (and the haircuts too thankfully)!

Promotion has not meant a gradual evolution for the Albion, but more a quantum leap forward, everything is bigger and better.

One of the key culture shifts, that we're going to have to adapt to, will be on the pitch. Recent seasons have spoilt us with great football, record points tallies, and goals galore. The step up to the Prem will surely change that.

Even the most optimistic will agree that the season will be a struggle. With survival being a significant achievement (I do dare to dream bigger, but refrain from tempting fate)!

Should results go against us it will be vital that we stick with the management, the team, and the club. We have to remember the dark times we've come from, and rejoice in how lucky we are.

And if anyone starts to grouse about anything, then we need to remember that it’s the glorious 12th, and shoot them down!